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St. Flannan

St. Flannan – December 18th

Flannan was the son of an Irish chieftain named Turlough. He was educated by the monks and also learned from them all manner of farming chores. When he was a grown man, Flannan decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome.

In Rome, Pope John IV made him a bishop, for he recognized the wisdom and holiness of this man. When St. Flannan returned to Ireland, all the people of his region, Killaloe, came to meet him. They were eager to learn the instructions the Saint had brought back from the Holy Roman See.

St. Flannan taught his people so well that even his father, the chieftain Turlough, decided to become a monk. The old man went to St. Colman to be instructed in the life of a monk. At the same time, he asked for a blessing for his family, since three of his sons had been killed. The Saint predicted: “From you shall seven kings spring.” And so it happened.

St. Flannan was afraid that since he was one of the family, he, too, might be made king. So he prayed to become ugly, and his face was soon covered with big scars and rashes. Thus he could be sure that he could devote himself entirely to the service of God and his people.

The honors, riches and pleasures of this world last only a short time. The happiness and glory of Heaven, instead, lasts forever. Let us often think of this, as the Saints did, and we too, shall become saints.

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