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St. Emily de Rodat

St. Emily de Rodat – September 19th

Emily was a lively little French girl who sometimes had temper tantrums, but still was very devout. A cousin who once tried to kiss her received a hard slap. Yet when she was a young lady of sixteen, she began to cut short her prayers and think more of having fun and carefree times. For one year, she was like this, and felt restless and bored. Then she began to see that only God could make her happy and never again did she change her mind.

For a number of years, Emily was not sure what kind of a nun she should be. But in her twenty-eighth year, she suddenly decided her mission would be to teach poor children. She began with the help of other young women, and soon the Congregation of the Holy Family had been founded. Like all holy Foundresses, Emily had to face many sufferings and trials, but her Congregation grew steadily. When some people told lies about her and others wrote insulting letters to her, the Saint used these occasions to humble herself. She would answer respectfully and gently, and when one of the Sisters was upset at that, Mother Emily said, “Don’t you know that we are the scum of the earth, and that anyone can trample on us?”

As a young girl, she had once been quite proud of herself, but now she paid so little attention to her appearance that at times, she looked ridiculous! Although St. Emily was a strong woman, she was also a very cheerful soul. “Keep your enthusiasm, and be brave,” she once wrote to a postulant. “Put all your trust in God, and preserve a holy cheer.” This she herself did through her every trial and suffering.

I will never shorten my prayers, and I will keep my mind on them, so God will hear me and bless me in my life.


romantic_edith said...

I have a special interest in this Saint. thanx for writing it!

sophandjessie said...

I am doing this saint for a project! Thankyou

Anonymous said...

My little girl whose name is Emily needed to find a saint to talk about in her cathecism class. She was so happy we found an Emily like her.

Anonymous said...

This sounds just like me!!